Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Subscribe?
We are no longer accepting new subscribers.

If there are any problems please email

What is automatic recurring payment?

    Recurring payments happen each month on the day that you initially subscribed. You can cancel/unsubscribe at anytime by following the how do I cancel directions.

How can I play the audio podcast?

    All the audio clips are in MP3 format that you download to your computer. Once they are downloaded you can play them in your audio player of choice or upload them to your IPod or burn them on cd to listen to on any cd player.

Is there an archive of podcasts?

    Yes, as a subscriber you will be able to access past podcasts.

How do I cancel/unsubscribe my subscription?

    Go to your Paypal.
    Click the Profile next to "Log out" and select Profile and settings.
    Click My money.
    Click Update beside "Preapproved Payments."
    Select the payment you'd like to cancel, then click Cancel.

Is Paypal secure?

    Paypal will say it better than I can, please visit the paypal site here to read all about the methods they take to be secure.

Important note on Paypal Emails:
The way scamers try to get people is that they will send out an email that looks like a real paypal email and they will say something is wrong with your account or you have received something and to click here and go to Paypal to fix whatever it is. Never click on any link to go to the Paypal site. Paypal will never send you emails requesting you to click on links. What Paypal will do is send emails telling you to visit the site by opening a browser and typing in, this assures you that you are at the Paypal site. Also ALL real, legitimate emails a Paypal member receives from Paypal will address the member by name, using your name just as you entered it when signing up. But to be safe, Paypal will always have any notification they need to give you on their site when you login. So there is never a reason to click on a Paypal link from an email. If you have any questions feel free to contact me here.